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I offer a variety of different photo sessions such as; beach portraits, engagements, maternity, children, senior portraits, and weddings.

I know you are probably full of questions so I have created this page for you to read and understand how the process goes. We both need to be on the same page :)


Every session is uniquely tailored to fit your personality. My sessions are laid back, and I strive to make them as smooth and fun as possible.


How far in advance do I need to book you?


Since we are in a tourist area and the main peeks are spring and summer, it is best to contact me within 4 to 6 weeks to ensure a spot. However, I do sometimes have last minute dates so please call or email as soon as you can.


What time of the day do you photograph?


Rarely do I ever photograph morning shoots and if I do we will shoot bright and early 6 a.m. right at sunrise. Otherwise I photograph in the evening an hour before sunset since that is the "golden hour". The colors in the sky are absolutely gorgeous at that time and I love to take advantage of that.


What location will our session be at?


I mainly stay in the Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach area. I love to travel and if it is outside of Gulf Shores or Orange Beach I will charge a rate of .50 cents per mile. .


What do we wear?


As far as what to wear, just remember to be comfortable, if you are not comfortable it will surely show in your images. 

For dresses I would suggest something flowy, and not too short. I would try and stay away from strapless as this tends to make the arms to appear bigger. Try and avoid dresses that tend to be a little snug as they can show lines. 


White is classic for beach portraits, and can be easily matched with other colors.  Sand will not show up on it so you will not need to dust it off as often.

As far as family images, just make sure everybody tries to stay in the same tonal range, for instance if you wear dark colors you could wear navy, or black with a pair of jeans. A pop of color works well such as light material scarf etc., or a bold color piece of jewelry.  Pastels look great on the beach, greens, coral etc.  My personal favorite is actually coral and an aqua blue.  They compliment quite well together. Your family does not have to dress exactly alike in order to look connected..  Try laying the clothes out on the bed to see how they look together ahead of time.  If you would like my personal advice you can even send me a picture and I will be happy to give help you in anyway.


I have created a "what to wear" column for you to follow me on Pinterest. You will find many different colors and tones that will compliment you and your photo session. 


How do I book a session with you?


I would absolutely be honored to be your photographer. You can contact me via phone at 251.979.8561 or by email in which you can send a form under my "about" section under "contact".  I will provide a contract for you through email and a session fee of $150.00 to secure your spot. My email address is



How many photos will be in my online album?


The mini session will include 25 professionally enhanced digital images. The full session will include 45-65 professionally enhanced digital images. This also depends on the amount of family members. If I have a large group then you can expect to see more. This photo album will best represent the essence of your family.


Do you edit/retouch your images?


Every image will be beautiful enhanced and retouched. I also do an artistic selection of black and whites.


Do you offer digital files or a CD?


I only offer digital files. This is actually the same concept as a CD just easier, as you can download from the comfort of your own home. I will provide a password protected album in which you can download straight to your own computer, laptop, or phone. 


How long will it take to receive my print/product order?


During my off season, you can expect to have your gallery ready within 2 weeks. During my peak season please allow more time to ensure my best hand at work. During the months of May-August galleries can take up to 5 weeks. If you order any prints/products through me,  those will be ready within 2 weeks after you order.


How long will my private gallery be online?


Your gallery will stay online for 1 week.   There will be a $25.00 fee to re-upload your images which then your album will be available for another week, and so on.


Where can I find your wedding details?


I will be happy to give you a customized quote on an upcoming wedding. First I have to make sure that I am available and and find out where the wedding will be. Please follow the link to the "wedding gallery" where you will find the contact form. Thank you! 



If you have any other questions for me that I have not gone over, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to answer any questions for you!















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