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Thanks for stopping by my website.  I'm Lacey, a zani, fun loving lifestyle photographer.  I serve the Gulf Coast area including Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Mobile AL, Pensacola, and Destin FL.  There is no simple answer as to why I love photography, but let me explain.  There is something about capturing a memory that goes far beyond what could ever be captured with words.  Whether searching for that perfect angle,  ray of sun, or smile.  There is a sense of tranquility that comes over me while capturing a picture.  The best types of photographs are those that come unrehearsed, unscheduled, and without prompting.  For example,  a newborns new fingerprints, the mountain of curls on an adored little girls head, and the smile that is undoubtedly embedded on the face of a man who is in love.  To capture that is a dream, caught in one magical moment with a flash of light!  What would otherwise happen in an instant and be gone, is now forever embraced by photography.




Lacey Marie Photography


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